Hola WordPressers!

Hey guys!

Okay, so, pretty boring week ( had to clean my room/bathroom ) But! On the upside, the weather is nice and cool and I’ve been able to go outside and enjoy the sunny-chilly weather in an oversized sweatshirt. And, I’ve written about 7 songs in a period of 5 days! I just finished writing a song against abortion called ‘Today’, Seriously its so..revealing and, it just, i dont know how to describe it, its just an amazing song, i mean after reading it, i’m not that deep! this year i’m gonna buy a keyboard online and teach myself how to play with one of those booklet thingy’s, so i can write music to my songs ( I’m stretching to become a singer/songwriter ) Like if i posted it on here, i’d be too afraid someone would steal it..

Anywho, i’ll tyoe to ya’ll later, love you guys!




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