Hey Guys! Its Abby again!

Okay so, I’ve been finishing up the scripts and sorta editing them to make sure there the best they can be.

(Sigh) all Shellie can talk about is you-know-you, well, i’m sure you guys don’t-know-who but pretty much he’s a guy that Shellie likes ( luvs ) lol. Ahhh, the girl mind, so complicated and yet so simple.

Anywho-di-what-di-what,  I really,really, hope i get into this charter school, i’m still on the waiting list, during the summer about half the kids drop off the list so i have a 1out of 27 chances of getting in :-I

Anywho, GUESS WHAT? Have any of ya’ll heard of a bottle-cap jewelry biz called ‘POParazzi’? Well, i know the stylist/designer, her name is Michelle Rielly and she’s the nicest person in the world! I used to go to the same church she went to ( with her daughter, who also designs for the business ) It was called River Valley, my friend Sydney ( aka Mara ) Was saved at River Valley and has been good friends with Michelle, anywho, a few days ago Mara called Michelle because her little sis wants to be saved ( HOW AWESOME IS THAT?! ) And Michelle told us about her biz! Did you know she has an iPhone??? Celebrities like Corbin Bleu wear her stuff its so awesome, she totally deserves it! I’m so happy to know that she’s become so sucessful, If ya’ll wanna see her site here’s a link to it!:



Anywho, I’ll be sure to type back to ya’ll ASAP about any new news about the broadcast! God Bless You guys!

( 1 timothy 4:12 )




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