What do YOU think?

Hey everyone at wordpress,

Just Abby updat’n you guys on what’s been going on at TTV, so, pretty much you guys might already know that in the next broadcast we’ll be talking about Jamie Lynn Spears, and,we want YOU GUYS to e-mail us and give us your opnion on her,her big sis, and/or their mother. If we like what you say, we’ll quote you on the show, and if you have your own blog or site we’ll mention it on the show as well! (free publicity!) Or, if you just want us to give a shout-out to somebody than, we’ll do that too đŸ˜‰

Anyway, SCHOOL IS OVA for us at The Teens View (except Dixie, who only has Monday and Tuesday left at school)Woo-hoo!

Oh! I was on Godtube 2day and well….Have any of ya’ll heard of ‘SexyBack’? Than you’ll enjoy this video..:


E-mail us your comments on the Spears family at:


Type to yall again soon!





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