Abby’s Favorite YouTube Vid’s!

just can’t wait to see you instead– By some guy VERRRRRY strange guy on youtube:

You asked cute boys to message you, but.. I thought that this might be a better approach to show my love.

I remember the first time you caught my eye
I was flipping the channels around not sure what I’d find
And then this pretty girl showed up out of no where, hey this works for me
“Dude what the heck why are you watching Disney?”

Now my alarm is set for 7 pm and I don’t miss a show
Just because I watch Hannah Montana doesn’t mean I’m alone
I feel this deep connection between Miley and I
“Are you kidding me? She’s like only 9…”

Miley please don’t freak out
Your all I think about
I st-st-stuttered my mom catches us making out.
It’s you I’ve got to see.
For once, not on TV
My best friends wondering
Why I’m watching Disney
Next time that we hang out
No more cardboard mouth.
I just can’t wait till then
Oh noowahoo I can’t wait to see you instead.

So do you really have a youtube account?
I gotta subscribe!
In this one video you say you have zero boyfriends
Miley cyrus I could be that guy!

You say you’re saving yourself for marriage
Wink wink me too 😉
Here me out, I just wanna be with you.

Miley you know who to call if you get lonely!






Miley and Mandy: 4 minutes:



Ellen watching Hannah Montana:  

Miley on the Ellen show:   

Miley At Kids Choice awards:  

Miley Cyrus at the Kids Choice Awards 2008:   

Interruption completely uncalled for: 

The Miley And Mandy Show!:

4 Responses

  1. shellie wuz here! lol

  2. um,…. you know that “ellen” gurl is gay… right?

  3. Yeah i heard! Isn’t that sad?

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