About The Teens View!

Basically “The Teens View” was created and produced by Hannah T. (You know her as host Abby Warner ) when her father gave her the idea in 2006 (when her family lived in Fresno,California, then moved to Clovis) to create an online talk show about what goes on in the mind of a pre-teen(She was only 11) , and give off her views on today’s immodest styles,trashy media, and innapropriate celebrity behavior, Hannah originally thought to have the show by herself and have it be called ‘The Silver Pearl Broadcast’ her father (Eric) even bought the website domain ‘thesilverpearl.net’ But, after Hannah’s family moved to Keller,Texas in January 2007 and Hannah had gotten over a period of begging her parents to move back to California, she decided that if she was the only one on the talk show than most people would find it one-sided and think she didn’t give others a chance to disagree. it was around this time Hannah remembered the popular womans TV show “The View” and decided to change the broadcast to “The Teens View” and asked her close friend Mara (who still lives in Clovis,California ) to host it via phone, and 14-year-old Dixie Marie Taylor (who she met because their brothers used to be in a band together) and decided the teens view would be set up on the popular online radio station site “Blogtalkradio.com” Soon after Febuary 2008 Dixie Taylor quit the broadcast for personal reasons and in her place was Shellie Katriel (Who is also friends with Dixie ). All of the Teens View hosts are Christians and all work everyday to streangthen their relationship with Christ. The Teens View theme Bible Verse is 1Timothy4:12.

God Bless!

–TTV Staff

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