We need ya’ll to e-mail us!

Hey everyone at wordpress!

Okay, so, no matter how old you are, we need to you send us an e-mail about the person in your life that has influenced you the most, and in the e-mail please mention if you would mind if we asked you to call in during the broadcast and if its ok for us to use your real name because if you dont want us to do either, we’ll totally understand and respect your privacy.

A possible test-broadcast is April 19th, Sorry that were taking so long guys! We just want to double-check everything and make sure we give off a message that were not trying to debate, and we dont want to offend anyone, If ya’ll know any good idea’s for the show please e-mail us at:


Once again thanks everyone! I love ya’ll and i’m praying for ya’ll every day! God Bless and have an awesome week!


Coffee-bean-and-tea-leaf lover, Abby

Hey everyone! Almost complete with scripts!

Just letting everyone know on our progress with the scirpts, make sure to check in, because soon we’ll be scheduling a test-broadcast!

Thanks ya’ll so much for checking in and were looking forward to it!

God Bless and 1Timothy4:12 ( the teens view motto )


Your hyped-up on coffee host, Abby-Noelle.