Many a mix-up for TTV 1st Broadcast!

Hey! How are ya’ll?

The First Broadcast went as planned (for once) andit went rather smoothly compared to what i expected it to be like, um, like i said before it wasn’t meant to be serious at all it was meant for us to get used to BTR and thats exactly what it was, here’s what went wrong:

1. We found out we accidenlt scheduled the broadcast for 4-in-the-morning and we only had 2 minutes to re-schedule it and we finally did 30 seconds before it started!(talk about a close call)

2.Mid-broadcast we got into another mix-up and for a few minutes thought it wasn’t recording at all and numorous times believed that we accidently hung-up (you hear us talking about it a few times in the broadcast by our gasping and panicking)

3.We thought there was only 60 seconds left so we played our ending song (Hannah Montana “nobody’s perfect” ‘chipmunk-ified’) but it turned out we had 3 MINUTES left so we just kept replaying it..again..and again..and again.

So, pretty much the night was filled with confusion, but altogether it went pretty darned well. Anyway, i hope all of ya’ll go to ‘the teens view broadcast’ page and check out our first broadcast! feel free to leave a comment about the show or e-mail us with a new topic that you’d like to hear us talk about! at or e-mail directly at

God Bless You Guys!



Don’t you love the smell of schoolwork in the morning?

Hey Guys,

Right now in Keller,Texas its around the lovely time of 8:15AM<That’s right, 8-in-the-morning, believe me, being homeschooled my whole life, i’m fairly not accustomed to waking up before at least 9:45.

So! Since i have some extra time this morning before my mom is gonna set me and my big bro up with some work (since i woke up early she’s making us start early..)I just thought i’d type to you guys and say thatif any of ya’ll wanna suggest a topic for an upcoming ‘Teens View’ broadcast remember our e-mail address: < We try to check it as often as possible, mostly Shellie checks this one once every two weeks or so,so if you want us to see it ASAP, send the e-mail to my address:

And now i shall watch some “Hannah Montana” to get the day started!

God bless you guys!