Hey Guys! (Abby Once Again)

Sorry about Shellie and Mara not dropping in every now and again to type to ya’ll, Mara is in public school and is still trying to figure out wordpress ( i tried explaining it to her over the phone but she still coudn’t quite get it) And Shellie is really busy lately with singing lessons and acting classes.

I guess i’m pretty much the only one with free time, this weekend both of them were pretty busy..

Anyway! If any of ya’ll have any idea’s whatsoever for an upcoming Teens View broadcast remember to e-mail us at the addresses mentioned in the last post i made.

Shellie promises to type-to-ya’ll as soon as she can make time, and pretty soon i’ll be pretty busy too, this Summer, I’ll probably get keyboard lessons and an acting coach and singing lessons, and i’ll have Sylvan this Summer too.

But ‘ll try my best to keep ya’ll updated on everything Teens View.

This mornging me and my dad went to Starbucks and i wore my big red fluffy hat that he hates to see me wear in public bcause it tends to draw attention and its knitted with a thick red yarn so of course it stands out. But i thought it macthed my outfit so i wore it, and he’s ok with me doing stuff like that.

We didn’t sit in our usual spot because it was right next to the line and i think he was afraid it would draw too much attention (yeah, its a strange hat ) so we sat next to the window next to the door, and i couldn’t help but get the feeling that my dad was looking for somebody, i read the comics and had ice tea and he read the sports section and had his frappicino like always and we talked about the stuff we always do, but he kept looking at the people behind me and around me so, i still haven’t figured that out…

OOps! time to go to get a cd ( he’s going to buy me and my big-bro one ) and yes, i am planning on wearing my big red poofy hat again!

Praying for you guys!



Don’t you love the smell of schoolwork in the morning?

Hey Guys,

Right now in Keller,Texas its around the lovely time of 8:15AM<That’s right, 8-in-the-morning, believe me, being homeschooled my whole life, i’m fairly not accustomed to waking up before at least 9:45.

So! Since i have some extra time this morning before my mom is gonna set me and my big bro up with some work (since i woke up early she’s making us start early..)I just thought i’d type to you guys and say thatif any of ya’ll wanna suggest a topic for an upcoming ‘Teens View’ broadcast remember our e-mail address: < We try to check it as often as possible, mostly Shellie checks this one once every two weeks or so,so if you want us to see it ASAP, send the e-mail to my address:

And now i shall watch some “Hannah Montana” to get the day started!

God bless you guys!