Sorry about missing the broadcast!

Hey Guys,

Okay, so, most of ya’ll may be wondering WHY me and shellie and dixie and mara didn’t do the broadcast, pretty much my dad turned off the computer and left for work before we knew it! And he’s the only one in the entire house that knows the password, SO!  THIS weekend i PROMISE That we WILL do the broadcast, I told my dad and he says he had no idea ( even though i’ve been telling him about it all week ) and he apoligizes.

Anyway, i’m considering talking about Miley Cyrus in the broadcast too, i’m a big Miley fan, but with all of the stuff going on around her i think she needs to knock it off and really clean up her act, She’s in the middle of the public eye, she’s gotta act like it, she’s NOT  normal teen who can post silly photo’s of herself showing a little of her bra online, if she does that ( and she has ) she HAS GOT TO KNOW that people are gonna react negitively to it, she’s getting a big head and she needs to stop and remember the big guy upstairs that gave her a responsibility to her young fans, I’m not gonna turn all ‘Miley Hater’ on everybody, I’m just saying it as her sister-in-Christ, She has to be touchy about that stuff and ALWAYS put God first, those photo’s in Vanity Fair DO NOT glorify God in ANY WAY, its one thing to thank the Lord when she recieves an award and to say ‘God Bless’, she’s got to live out her faith, now a ton of people know she claims to be a Christian, now she’s representing all Christians. And she needs to act like it.

That’s i gotta say about that,

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God Bless everybody 🙂



Hola WordPressers!

Hey guys!

Okay, so, pretty boring week ( had to clean my room/bathroom ) But! On the upside, the weather is nice and cool and I’ve been able to go outside and enjoy the sunny-chilly weather in an oversized sweatshirt. And, I’ve written about 7 songs in a period of 5 days! I just finished writing a song against abortion called ‘Today’, Seriously its so..revealing and, it just, i dont know how to describe it, its just an amazing song, i mean after reading it, i’m not that deep! this year i’m gonna buy a keyboard online and teach myself how to play with one of those booklet thingy’s, so i can write music to my songs ( I’m stretching to become a singer/songwriter ) Like if i posted it on here, i’d be too afraid someone would steal it..

Anywho, i’ll tyoe to ya’ll later, love you guys!