Check out our Myspace!(Please..)

Yes, i know i’ve said it before but now i actually know how to USE Myspace! woo-hoo! Of course, no thanks to Mara or Dixie or Shellie, they never really helped out…. ūüėČ


Go to:¬†to see our myspace page and if ya’ll have a myspace pleez add us as your friend….we might need a litttttttttlle bit of help with a few thingys on our myspace..and it’d be kewl if we had friends on myspace..especially since dixie and shellie are on vacation right and and mara is in California (two states away) so..i need a friend! lolm anywho!

God Bless everybody! Bye Bye!



First TTV Online Radio Broadcast!

Hey!! Abby & Shellie & Dixie & Mara Typing to you, well actually its just Abby but we’ve got Mara on the phone and were all talking to her and typing to you guys right now,

The First Broadcast is TONIGHT! And like i’ve said before, the first broadcast is gonna be not-so-serious, were gonna pretty much play our favorite songs and and talk about Celebrity gossip and just everyday stuff, kind of introduce ourselves and who we are to BTR, because even though we do wanna let you guys know were serious and care about whats going on in our world, just remember were also teenagers, we wanna have fun with it.

Well… Looks like its time for Rootbeer Floats! God Bless You Guys and make sure to ‘Click-in’ at at 8:30PM Central Time tonight, and remember if ya’ll miss it thats fine because we’ll just post it on the ‘teens view broadcast’ page.

Luv Ya!


Abby,Shellie,Dixie,and Mara

First Teens View Broadcast Tomorrow!!!

Hey everybody! Its Shellie Here!!

Sorry i haven’t typed much to you guys I’m pretty busy w/school and classes, but anyway, I’ll bet you guys have been wondering where I’ve been this whole time!

Anyway, A HUGE thanks to Abby for keeping you guys updated this whole i time i promise to type back in here and keep you guys updated more!

All of us are very excited for the first Teens View broadcast! It’ll be awesome to finally start the teens view i know Abby has been really looking forward to it, we all have been Dixie says¬†“Hi” (were all chatting right now as i’m doing this) and i actually didn’t get to meet Mara until like yesterday and she’s one of the hosts too, she lives in California and is a friend of Abby’s so, she’s awesome, Mara if you read this: Your awesome! lol I’m¬† looking forward to getting to know all of ya’ll and for you guys to get to know us, we all hope that in some way throughout the future broadcasts that we’ll encourage all of you to reach deeper in your faith and if your not a religous person, we hope that we give you a Christians point of view that youn can really understand, were not trying to ‘shove’ religion down anybody’s throats, we pray for everybody wether we know you or not and we luv everybody even if you hate us.

Well, gotta go, God Bless you Guys! Luv ya!

From your favorite host,

Shellie K.

Abby’s Chat W/Ashytn 2day

Ashtyn: wayd?
 me: Oh, hi
 Ashtyn: hey
 me: ?
 Ashtyn: WHat are you doing?
 me: Oh!
5:03 PM Working on my book, making my voice sounds like a chipmunk using my brothers computer program
¬†Ashtyn: ew…nice!
 me: lol how u b?
 Ashtyn: Fabulous
 me: Groovy
  anything new?
5:04 PM Ashtyn: hm..not much I am about to go to my guy friends house
  really not guy friend
  but brother
 me: oh, cool
 Ashtyn: I have known him since I was 0
 me: since b4 you were born?
5:05 PM Ashtyn: ha yep!
  my mom and his were pregnant at the same time.
 me: oh lol
 Ashtyn: yep
¬†me: lol so, i am so bored today! in can’t wait until i get in public school
5:06 PM Ashtyn: Hm…be careful when you get to public schoolers
¬† it’s exactly what you don’t need to happen to you
  They will do everthing you have been talking about not liking
¬†me: yea gotcha, hopefully i’ll get into the charter school its a lot smaller and more christian kids there
5:07 PM Ashtyn: Haha..COOL!
¬†me: i’ll have to wear a uniform, but there really cute! like dark purple and pink plaid skirt and a white blouse
 Ashtyn: cool!
 me: very
 Ashtyn: thats a cool uniform!
5:08 PM me: yeah, so you guys busy over there?
  like, a lot of stuff going on?
¬†Ashtyn: hm…not ReAlLY busy,but have stuff going
5:09 PM well lets put it this way— i am bored on occasion
¬†me: lol, Iucky, did you know i haven’t had meat in almost a month?
  lke no hamburgers or hot dogs
5:10 PM Ashtyn: why?
¬†me: because I’m a vegiterian now, it helps to lose weight…even though i’m dying for some burger king
 Ashtyn: Are you going to the POST POST POST production party?
  This wednesday
 me: lol if my mom says yes than yeah
5:11 PM Ashtyn: actually it’s tuesday
  at incredible pizza!
 me: its weird its like i finally get over saying goodbye to everyone and then yet another thing comes up!
5:12 PM Ashtyn: haha
  is that good or bad?
 me: its both
 Ashtyn: haha
  thats what i thought?
 me: good because i like seeing everyone again, but bad because the day after i feel sad because i remember how much i miss everyone
¬†Ashtyn: It’ll be fun!
  yep yep!
¬†me: I’ve never been to incredible pizza
5:13 PM I’ve been to ‘Johns Incredible Pizza’ in Cali though
 Ashtyn: neither have i
¬† but i have heard it’s GREAT!
  THEY have lazer tag, glow in the dark mini gol
5:14 PM me: wow, that sounds like fun, ive only done that like once
 Ashtyn: alot of arcade games
  and youwould never think they would have this
 me: arg i have to get off the computer now, its my brothers turn
¬† ūüė¶
 Ashtyn: okay
 me: Bye *slaps big brother*
 Ashtyn: aw                                                                                                                                                     AbbyHasLeftChat




Hope this entertained you guys!lol



Parenting Tips From A Teenager!

Hello Fello WordPressers! Its Abby Here,

You know…this whole thing with only me blogging is getting pretty old, well, i think it is to YOU guys, to me it isn’t Shellie and Dixie and Mara have crazy busy sechedules until June 6th (school year ends) So, looks like you guys are stuck w/me! (Oh, stop crying!)

Anywho, i was chatting w/a former cast mate¬†from the¬†‘Anne Of Green Gables’ play i was in, She’s awesome, nice to have been able to chat w/her again. Anyways, i just remembered something: 3 DAYS UNTIL THE FIRST BROADCAST!Woot!! Everybody on the teens view staff is totally excited and can’t wait to be able to voice our opinions in our own way..well, not really our OWN way, i mean were not the only show on get my point, It’ll be awesome to get to know the listeners in the following shows and just get messages out, important ones about teenagers, such as:
If your teen seems down,sad, or upset ( if your teenager is a girl..its very likely it’ll be all three…) and if you ask them “What’s wrong? Do you want to talk about it?” and if they say “No” or “leave me alone” for petes sake people!!! LEAVE THEM ALONE!! I mean its true that sometimes they say that but actually want you to pry it out of them, they might say something more like “I’m okay” or “I’m fine, leave me alone” just saying that ‘there okay’ is a signal they want you to ask more about the situation. But if they raise their voice even once, yeah, believe or not, that means they want to be left alone and figure things out on their own, if its something so tragic they wanna inlist you for help, wait until they do just that. Most teens want to be left alone to think and just be by themselves, so please clingy parents: Leave them alone, most teens want to feel independant, they dont want you to know every aspect of their lives.

If your teenager goes to YOU to vent ( talk to you about something their angry or stressed about ), there letting out their feelings to you, there telling you a SECRET, so DO NOT:

1.Try and give them advice, sometimes teenagers just want somebody to go to to complain and just let everything out, if you give them advice i PROMISE that you will no longer be the one person they go to.

2.Tell ANYONE, Not even one of your friends who are parents as well, what your teenager told you, by venting to you there letting you know that your somebody they deeply TRUST, someone they can relax around, if you betray that trust by telling ANYBODY, once again, that one special position in their heart for you will eventaully be filled by someone else. They’ll still luv ya..but wont trust you.

Oh! and heres a random hair tip i heard today (actually i read it): If you want fun waves or even curls, just get an empty spray bottle and fill it with a half cup of water and a tablespoon of SEA salt, regular salt wont work as good, if you have a bigger bottle, just add a tablespoon of sea salt per half cup (Duh. )  This works best if your hair becomes natrually wavy or curly when sprinkled with water.

Oh! and yet another random thing! for hilarious/cool signatures (for like your e-mail) then go to theres some hilarious signatures! But the ‘religious’ ones were mostly offensive…Anyway, thats all i gotta say to you guys! and remember to go to the teens view broadcast page to find out when our first broadcast is!


Abby N. Warner

Abby and Shellie Chat Online!

Hello everybody! And how are ya’ll?

Well i woke up to the pleasure of my mom freaking out because our power got shut off early this morning without warning, but no worries, since i’m on the computer its pretty obvious that we have our power back, my mom rushed to the bank and had to sell one of her bracelettes at the local pawn shop to get the money needed, but no worries, whatever the reason, God had his hand in this and somehow, this is part of his plan.

Anyway’s, How are you guys? I just got done chatting w/Shellie right now and so i am still getting over all of the corny jokes and *stuff*¬†she told me about, anyway, i’ll post some of the chat for you guys! Because…well… i have nothing better to do honestly… lol just look at the chat!( P.S. we shall Shellie Ryleigh, its sorta out nickname for her when we chat):


Ryleigh: HI!!!
1:30 PM brb
 me: Hola
¬† sorry i didn’t hear you, i was working on the book
¬†Ryleigh: kewl… hold on
 me: Okie dokie
1:31 PM In the blog i wrote a post abou Miley Cyrus and i’m expecting it to get a lot of traffic since every day hundreds of people search ‘miley cyrus’ on, so most likely that’ll get us more listeners for the show.
1:32 PM Ryleigh: yay!
¬†me: So…wtacha doi’n?
 Ryleigh: emailing peeps
¬†me: read’n the e-mails i sent?
1:33 PM Ryleigh: yeppers
 me: yay your e-maling bird-shaped marhsmellow treats
 Ryleigh: it my nanys second day to work here!!!!!!!!!!
  kewl huh!
 me: Yay and how is it working out?
¬†Ryleigh: good… my moms gone so she is babysitting
1:34 PM so
¬† …
 me: is she nice?
 Ryleigh: yep!
  and younge!
 me: lol
¬†Ryleigh: like…. 26. i think
  i emailed colby
¬†me: kewl, you know what’s weird? since i’ve been working a ton lately my stomach isn’t skinny its more like muscle…sorry, random
 Ryleigh: lol
1:35 PM me: is life?
 Ryleigh: thas funny
¬† um…. pretty good. guess what?!?!
 me: life is funy?
 Ryleigh: yes
  guess what?
 me: what?
 Ryleigh: i get to go to the cast(S) party at incredible pizza!!!!! do you?!?!?1
1:36 PM me: i dont know yet but most likely!
 Ryleigh: YAY!!!
¬†me: Since i’m not going to ‘theater fusion’ thingy than we’ll have the extra moola for it
¬† Okay’
1:37 PM Ryleigh: yay!
  wahst theatre fushion?
 me: its some tehater camp
 Ryleigh: oh
 me: theater
 Ryleigh: so what we have mula for?
 me: game cards, stuff
 Ryleigh: oh
1:38 PM me: ooh, and i guess the mall
 Ryleigh: fun
 me: very
 Ryleigh: yay!
  is the 17 a saturday or sunday?
  or frifay
 me: my mom definately wont be able to drive us to daniels 18th, its too late my mom said and she has school 2 do
  the 17th?Its on a saturday
1:39 PM Ryleigh: oh,,…. kewl! so we are or aren’t going to the mall?
 me: we are
 Ryleigh: yay!
 me: i know!
 Ryleigh: wally world!
1:40 PM me: LOL ui know aren’t those hilarious?
 Ryleigh: yes.. can we go on sunday and try all of it?!?!!?plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
 me: try all of what?
 Ryleigh: the pranks!
  for wally world!!!
1:41 PM me: LOL we wont be able to go to walmart..but we can try it in all those fancy furtniture stores!
 Ryleigh: yay! beds!!!
 me: lol
 Ryleigh: lol
¬†me: we’ll try to go to sleep in the model beds!
¬† we’d be SO dead
 Ryleigh: yes!
1:42 PM me: lol were dead girls walking
¬†Ryleigh: and jump up and down and say “dont try this at homew! i’m a trained pro!”
¬†me: brb uno momento DO NOT GO ANYWHERE count to 30 and i’ll be back




Hope you guys enjoyed it! Anways were totally phyced about the first broadcast i think THIS Saturday..if this staurday is the 17th….anywho, all of the info is on ‘the teens view broadcast’ page so for all the info on that just go there and like i said before if ya’ll have any good topics for future broadcasts simply e-mail me or rye at or e-mail me directly (your e-mail will be read sooner) at my address at

Luv ya guys and praying for you!


Abby,and Shellie (she says hi )






On The Phone with Mara Jade Wilson

Ello My WordPress Peeps! Abby Again!

Most likely by Monday Shellie or Mara will type-in to you guys, and in the meanwhile, i have some story’s on how awful a cook i am! For instance, one time i was trying to make breakfast and….well….Did you know that bacon can explode?? Or how easily it is to set butter and oil on fire?What about how easy it is to misunderstand a chocolate chip recipe and end up making enough cookie dough for 10 dozen cookie’s??? Yessiree folks, i cannot cook anything other than noodles!

So, just reminding you guys to just explore TTV’s blog because we’ve added some cool pages and added some funny vid’s from youtube! I’m on the phone w/Mara right now, and here’s what she has to say to ya’ll!:

“Hey everyone! Its too bad i wont actually be with Dixie, Shellie and Abby but it’ll still be awesome to host from California and get to talk to you guys! Thanks so much for being patient after all this time as we have tried to get a good first broadcast date, God Bless!”–Mara Jade Wilson

Okay, now i gotta help Mara set up a gmail account so i’ll type to you guys later!