Update from Abby!

Okay, so, Not sure ya’ll know this but yesterday i did an ‘abby-only broadcast’ So, if ya’ll wanna check it out go to http://blogtalkradio.com/theteensview and it’ll start automaticly, the show was pretty much me talking about my favorite bible passages and how God has spoken to me through them, so, if ya’ll want go ahead, clikc on the link, and comment!



The Teens View Audience Special!!

already we’ve had four online radio broadcast! And the fifth TTV broadcast is going to be dedicated to you guys: Our Listeners!

You called in when we talked about the spears sisters (specifically britney) and said that if she went to india she’d be treated like a cow, YOU called in to make fun of the guy who said britney would be treated like a cow, and YOU guys called in to say what you thought about Miley Cyrus, now, we have a special dedicated to you awesome peeps who called in to bash on britney,sigh over Cyrus,and make a good joke at another callers expense!

Tell your friends! Family! and listen (and CALL IN!) To The Teens View “Audience call-in special”!!

It’ll be tomorrow (the 18th) on http://www.blogtalkradio.com/theteensviewย search ‘the teens view’ or ‘abby-noelle’, it’ll be cat 6:30PM Cental time, 4:30PM Pacific Time.

—Host Abby & Mara

Want The Teens View to promote your site or show?

Woo-hoo! Here’s some news from The Teens View, if you love our show and want some extra publicity for your show than e-mail us at teen.view.s.m.a@gmail.com or My e-mail directly at abbynoelle@gmail.com and send us a link to your site and make sure the subject of your e-mail is ‘promote my site link’ or ‘PMSL’ so that were sure it isn’t spam! We won’t accept your site if it contains vulgar images or language or promotes gay or lesbian rights.

God Bless you guys,



4 Days Until The Teens View Second Broadcast!

Hey guys!

Okay, so, the next broadcast is merely 4 days away and the Teens View’s handy producer and Host Shellie Katriel are on vacation, leaving me and Mara to fend for ourselves!(Oh joy..)

I don’t have much time to type to ya’ll right now but i thought i would just update ya’ll on whats new!

God Bless!



What do YOU think?

Hey everyone at wordpress,

Just Abby updat’n you guys on what’s been going on at TTV, so, pretty much you guys might already know that in the next broadcast we’ll be talking about Jamie Lynn Spears, and,we want YOU GUYS to e-mail us and give us your opnion on her,her big sis, and/or their mother. If we like what you say, we’ll quote you on the show, and if you have your own blog or site we’ll mention it on the show as well! (free publicity!) Or, if you just want us to give a shout-out to somebody than, we’ll do that too ๐Ÿ˜‰

Anyway, SCHOOL IS OVA for us at The Teens View (except Dixie, who only has Monday and Tuesday left at school)Woo-hoo!

Oh! I was on Godtube 2day and well….Have any of ya’ll heard of ‘SexyBack’? Than you’ll enjoy this video..:


E-mail us your comments on the Spears family at:


Type to yall again soon!




Hola My WordPress Peeps!

Just Abby typing to you guys!

Soooo, i am so glad Shellie is finally updating the blog more often! Woo-hoo!

Anyway, we want you guys to keep sending us e-mails with idea’s for the show! What you want the teens view to speak out about, If you got a good/great/awesome idea that you want TTV to talk about send it to abbynoelle@gmail.com and put “TTV Segment Idea” on the ‘subject’ of the e-mails so were sure it isn’t spam. Ditto goes for the teens view music vid contest, BTW the ‘summer music video contest’ has been extended to June 21st (the Third TTV Broadcast) make sure you send in ya’lls videos by June 21st 7:30PM Pacific time.

Anyway, on a random note: I went with Dixie to a new youth group at a nearby baptist church in Watuaga ( Is that how you spell it? ), i really liked it, i mean i was half-way expecting it to be a real serious,stuffy church, but really it was really relaxed and everyone was really friendly, we met this girl named Hayley who was waiting for two guy friends to show up so she sat with us for a while and we just explored and walked around until service began, turns out the guy friends she was waiting for were twins, David and John, John was really nice but we never really met David….Okay, i have to admit it they were SOMEWHAT cute…okay, really cute lol ๐Ÿ˜‰ Me and Dixie were taking when we were washing our hands in the ladies room after church and she’s like “Okay, you get John and David’s mine!”, i looked at her and we both just started laughing, then we looked for her mom (she was my ride home) and since she was still busy we walked around until i saw a stairway that led somewhere upstairs, i talked Dixie into going up with me (even though we weren’t sure we were allowed up there) and it was dark and sorta creepy because it was dead silent, then we thought we heard someone coming up the stairs and hid in a nearby room until we were sure nobody was coming..and then we went downstairs and while we were passing an office with a big glass window instead of a wall there were these two guys (Ethan and Tutor) and Tutor was like “Hey! you two people! I don’t remember your names follow us for the funniest video in the world!”, i looked to Dixie and she said “Should we follow them?” and i said “Why not? we’ve got nothing else to do” so we followed them in there with some other girl (she somehow escaped ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) and it turns out the computer was logged off and Ethan was like “Oh man! this computer needs a stupid password!” so then he stood up and Tutor (the polite one) asked us our names and what schools we went to and who our brothers were and what church we went to before that one and then we left the office and he talked to us a bit more. Anywho, Dixie’s little bro is SO cute!!!!

I’ll try to type back to ya’ll as often as possible! God Bless You Guys!



What to expect in our next broadcast!

Hey guys! Just letting you know that in our next broadcast we’ll be talking about:
Jamie Lynn Spears ( we think she is being very mature thru-out her pregnancy)


Man VS. Wild ( Proof that its faked!)

When your friend has a boyfriend (Oh my my my….)

Miley Cyrus (oh yes, theres more!)

and much much more

God Bless You Guys!