Check out our Myspace!(Please..)

Yes, i know i’ve said it before but now i actually know how to USE Myspace! woo-hoo! Of course, no thanks to Mara or Dixie or Shellie, they never really helped out…. ūüėČ


Go to:¬†to see our myspace page and if ya’ll have a myspace pleez add us as your friend….we might need a litttttttttlle bit of help with a few thingys on our myspace..and it’d be kewl if we had friends on myspace..especially since dixie and shellie are on vacation right and and mara is in California (two states away) so..i need a friend! lolm anywho!

God Bless everybody! Bye Bye!



Hola My WordPress Peeps!

Just Abby typing to you guys!

Soooo, i am so glad Shellie is finally updating the blog more often! Woo-hoo!

Anyway, we want you guys to keep sending us e-mails with idea’s for the show! What you want the teens view to speak out about, If you got a good/great/awesome idea that you want TTV to talk about send it to and put “TTV Segment Idea” on the ‘subject’ of the e-mails so were sure it isn’t spam. Ditto goes for the teens view music vid contest, BTW the ‘summer music video contest’ has been extended to June 21st (the Third TTV Broadcast) make sure you send in ya’lls videos by June 21st 7:30PM Pacific time.

Anyway, on a random note: I went with Dixie to a new youth group at a nearby baptist church in Watuaga ( Is that how you spell it? ), i really liked it, i mean i was half-way expecting it to be a real serious,stuffy church, but really it was really relaxed and everyone was really friendly, we met this girl named Hayley who was waiting for two guy friends to show up so she sat with us for a while and we just explored and walked around until service began, turns out the guy friends she was waiting for were twins, David and John, John was really nice but we never really met David….Okay, i have to admit it they were SOMEWHAT cute…okay, really cute lol ūüėČ Me and Dixie were taking when we were washing our hands in the ladies room after church and she’s like “Okay, you get John and David’s mine!”, i looked at her and we both just started laughing, then we looked for her mom (she was my ride home) and since she was still busy we walked around until i saw a stairway that led somewhere upstairs, i talked Dixie into going up with me (even though we weren’t sure we were allowed up there) and it was dark and sorta creepy because it was dead silent, then we thought we heard someone coming up the stairs and hid in a nearby room until we were sure nobody was coming..and then we went downstairs and while we were passing an office with a big glass window instead of a wall there were these two guys (Ethan and Tutor) and Tutor was like “Hey! you two people! I don’t remember your names follow us for the funniest video in the world!”, i looked to Dixie and she said “Should we follow them?” and i said “Why not? we’ve got nothing else to do” so we followed them in there with some other girl (she somehow escaped ūüėČ ) and it turns out the computer was logged off and Ethan was like “Oh man! this computer needs a stupid password!” so then he stood up and Tutor (the polite one) asked us our names and what schools we went to and who our brothers were and what church we went to before that one and then we left the office and he talked to us a bit more. Anywho, Dixie’s little bro is SO cute!!!!

I’ll try to type back to ya’ll as often as possible! God Bless You Guys!



Teens View Music Video Contest!

Yay!!! I’m like, beyond excited! No more homework! You know, they say home school is allot easier than public, it’s not. You still have just as much homework and classes as the regular peeps. Anywho! Who cares! We are done with school! Now,¬†I’ve got a competition for ya! I want you guys and girls to send us your summer music videos! Thats right! We¬†wan’t you to create a summer music vid, post it on youtube (or if you have another way of posting it online go ahead)¬†It can take place¬†anywhere from the beach to your backyard, the scenery has to somehow represent summer! You can lip-sync or just dance!¬†The competition ends on June 21st, 2008. The winner will be announced on the upcoming broadcast by yours truly, Me! Miss Shellie Katriel! And we will include something you want us to say, But believe it or not, We’ll also send you 20$ in prize money!. Okay, Rules: Please, no nudity or romance. No one can be hurt in your vid. Girls: If¬†you wear swimsuits,¬†Please wear tankini’s or full’s. Guys: NO SPEED-OS!!! No violence.¬†And last but not least! HAVE FUN! Send us your vids along with your name, e-mail,and address at…¬†¬† or at Abby’s address¬†Thanks!

                                                             ~Shellie Katriel~

Many a mix-up for TTV 1st Broadcast!

Hey! How are ya’ll?

The First Broadcast went as planned (for once) andit went rather smoothly compared to what i expected it to be like, um, like i said before it wasn’t meant to be serious at all it was meant for us to get used to BTR and thats exactly what it was, here’s what went wrong:

1. We found out we accidenlt scheduled the broadcast for 4-in-the-morning and we only had 2 minutes to re-schedule it and we finally did 30 seconds before it started!(talk about a close call)

2.Mid-broadcast we got into another mix-up and for a few minutes thought it wasn’t recording at all and numorous times believed that we accidently hung-up (you hear us talking about it a few times in the broadcast by our gasping and panicking)

3.We thought there was only 60 seconds left so we played our ending song (Hannah Montana “nobody’s perfect” ‘chipmunk-ified’) but it turned out we had 3 MINUTES left so we just kept replaying it..again..and again..and again.

So, pretty much the night was filled with confusion, but altogether it went pretty darned well. Anyway, i hope all of ya’ll go to ‘the teens view broadcast’ page and check out our first broadcast! feel free to leave a comment about the show or e-mail us with a new topic that you’d like to hear us talk about! at or e-mail directly at

God Bless You Guys!



First TTV Online Radio Broadcast!

Hey!! Abby & Shellie & Dixie & Mara Typing to you, well actually its just Abby but we’ve got Mara on the phone and were all talking to her and typing to you guys right now,

The First Broadcast is TONIGHT! And like i’ve said before, the first broadcast is gonna be not-so-serious, were gonna pretty much play our favorite songs and and talk about Celebrity gossip and just everyday stuff, kind of introduce ourselves and who we are to BTR, because even though we do wanna let you guys know were serious and care about whats going on in our world, just remember were also teenagers, we wanna have fun with it.

Well… Looks like its time for Rootbeer Floats! God Bless You Guys and make sure to ‘Click-in’ at at 8:30PM Central Time tonight, and remember if ya’ll miss it thats fine because we’ll just post it on the ‘teens view broadcast’ page.

Luv Ya!


Abby,Shellie,Dixie,and Mara

Abby and Shellie Chat Online!

Hello everybody! And how are ya’ll?

Well i woke up to the pleasure of my mom freaking out because our power got shut off early this morning without warning, but no worries, since i’m on the computer its pretty obvious that we have our power back, my mom rushed to the bank and had to sell one of her bracelettes at the local pawn shop to get the money needed, but no worries, whatever the reason, God had his hand in this and somehow, this is part of his plan.

Anyway’s, How are you guys? I just got done chatting w/Shellie right now and so i am still getting over all of the corny jokes and *stuff*¬†she told me about, anyway, i’ll post some of the chat for you guys! Because…well… i have nothing better to do honestly… lol just look at the chat!( P.S. we shall Shellie Ryleigh, its sorta out nickname for her when we chat):


Ryleigh: HI!!!
1:30 PM brb
 me: Hola
¬† sorry i didn’t hear you, i was working on the book
¬†Ryleigh: kewl… hold on
 me: Okie dokie
1:31 PM In the blog i wrote a post abou Miley Cyrus and i’m expecting it to get a lot of traffic since every day hundreds of people search ‘miley cyrus’ on, so most likely that’ll get us more listeners for the show.
1:32 PM Ryleigh: yay!
¬†me: So…wtacha doi’n?
 Ryleigh: emailing peeps
¬†me: read’n the e-mails i sent?
1:33 PM Ryleigh: yeppers
 me: yay your e-maling bird-shaped marhsmellow treats
 Ryleigh: it my nanys second day to work here!!!!!!!!!!
  kewl huh!
 me: Yay and how is it working out?
¬†Ryleigh: good… my moms gone so she is babysitting
1:34 PM so
¬† …
 me: is she nice?
 Ryleigh: yep!
  and younge!
 me: lol
¬†Ryleigh: like…. 26. i think
  i emailed colby
¬†me: kewl, you know what’s weird? since i’ve been working a ton lately my stomach isn’t skinny its more like muscle…sorry, random
 Ryleigh: lol
1:35 PM me: is life?
 Ryleigh: thas funny
¬† um…. pretty good. guess what?!?!
 me: life is funy?
 Ryleigh: yes
  guess what?
 me: what?
 Ryleigh: i get to go to the cast(S) party at incredible pizza!!!!! do you?!?!?1
1:36 PM me: i dont know yet but most likely!
 Ryleigh: YAY!!!
¬†me: Since i’m not going to ‘theater fusion’ thingy than we’ll have the extra moola for it
¬† Okay’
1:37 PM Ryleigh: yay!
  wahst theatre fushion?
 me: its some tehater camp
 Ryleigh: oh
 me: theater
 Ryleigh: so what we have mula for?
 me: game cards, stuff
 Ryleigh: oh
1:38 PM me: ooh, and i guess the mall
 Ryleigh: fun
 me: very
 Ryleigh: yay!
  is the 17 a saturday or sunday?
  or frifay
 me: my mom definately wont be able to drive us to daniels 18th, its too late my mom said and she has school 2 do
  the 17th?Its on a saturday
1:39 PM Ryleigh: oh,,…. kewl! so we are or aren’t going to the mall?
 me: we are
 Ryleigh: yay!
 me: i know!
 Ryleigh: wally world!
1:40 PM me: LOL ui know aren’t those hilarious?
 Ryleigh: yes.. can we go on sunday and try all of it?!?!!?plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
 me: try all of what?
 Ryleigh: the pranks!
  for wally world!!!
1:41 PM me: LOL we wont be able to go to walmart..but we can try it in all those fancy furtniture stores!
 Ryleigh: yay! beds!!!
 me: lol
 Ryleigh: lol
¬†me: we’ll try to go to sleep in the model beds!
¬† we’d be SO dead
 Ryleigh: yes!
1:42 PM me: lol were dead girls walking
¬†Ryleigh: and jump up and down and say “dont try this at homew! i’m a trained pro!”
¬†me: brb uno momento DO NOT GO ANYWHERE count to 30 and i’ll be back




Hope you guys enjoyed it! Anways were totally phyced about the first broadcast i think THIS Saturday..if this staurday is the 17th….anywho, all of the info is on ‘the teens view broadcast’ page so for all the info on that just go there and like i said before if ya’ll have any good topics for future broadcasts simply e-mail me or rye at or e-mail me directly (your e-mail will be read sooner) at my address at

Luv ya guys and praying for you!


Abby,and Shellie (she says hi )






Scam’s and Spam! Keeping positive!

Hey guys Its Abby!

sorry i haven’t typed to ya’ll for a couple of days, its been kind of busy.

OK so, its definate that the broadcast WILL be on May 17th 2008, go to the ‘teens view broadcast’ page for the specific time and make sure to check back here every few days because its possible the exact time will be changed, We’ve been getting a lot of views on our blog lately (which is awesome!) and a couple e-mails as well..well…not really e-mails, ever since i posted my e-mail address we’ve been getting a lot of spam…but! were trying to stay positive because¬†somebody actually took the time and effort to send us scam and spam e-mails!( Uh…yeah, please stop doing that…NONE of us have a great uncle carlson who died in a plane accident in 1997¬†leaving us 18.5 Million dollars according to his ‘missing’ will! ) Anyway, just trying to keep positive….yep….ANYWAYS, We WILL be talking about Miley Cyrus in the broadcast, mostly me because i know a lot about Miley (Stop looking at me like that! i’m just a big fan that’s all..)

I’ll keep you guys updated!